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Our main services:

Kiwifruit Maturity Monitoring Kiwifruit Maturity Monitoring Avocado Maturity Monitoring Avocado Maturity Monitoring
Kiwifruit Crop Estimation Kiwifruit Crop Estimation -
Counting Service
Kiwifruit Crop Estimation - Data Manager Kiwifruit Crop Estimation -
Data Manager
Soil and Leaf Analysis Soil and Leaf Analysis

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Recent Projects

Kiwifruit Maturity Clearance New Cultivars Pollen Application
Kiwifruit Maturity Clearance Programme

Agfirst BOP have successfully run this project for over 10 seasons, involving the registration, collection, processing and reporting of every Zespri Gold, Zespri Green, Kiwistart and Zespri Green Taste Zespri orchard in New Zealand.

New Cultivars, Maturity, Post Handling and Storage

This project has involved pre-commercial trials to explore maturity characteristics, aspects of post-harvest behaviour and handling requirements of four of their potential new Zespri Kiwifruit Cultivars

Pollen Application

Pollen application is a project that Agfirst BOP are involved with as the subcontractors to PollenPlus. Using the PollenPlus QuadDuster is a supplementary pollen application system designed to dust flowers with pollen, enhancing bee pollen transfer, maximising pollination.

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